Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dear Friends

I am involved with the Be Uplifted Inc. charity, 
which raises funds to assist
  women & their families during diagnosis, treatment & recovery.
I have been asked to do some art work to be displayed 
in the oncology unit at a local Brisbane Hospital 
and I had a wonderful thought!!!! 
My thought was:
 'Would all my scrap booking friends & their friends be interested in making an 
ATC in PINK with an Uplifting Word or Quote on it???'
my objective is then to adhere them to a canvas or frame them behind glass for display.
As they will be glued down your names need to be separate
 so it can be added beneath your ATC. 
Patients will be able to read & admire these whilst they are going through their chemo treatment.
What do you think ??? Will you participate???
Anyone can join in local, interstate or international.
All participants need to do is: 
1. Leave a  comment in the comments box 
2. create an ATC in PINK, with an Uplifting Word or Quote by the 30th April.
3. Email me at so I can give you my postal addy.
As May is the birthday month of Be Uplifted
I would love to have it framed and ready to present at our mid-May function.
On behalf of the Be Uplifted team
 I thank you for helping us to help others.



    Made mine already, spreading the word, cheers from NY on such an important topic and great idea!

  2. HI.. I have done one and I will post it the next time i am up town!! I hope you get a great response!!xx

  3. I would love to do one, I'll finish it and then email you for your address :)

  4. I would love to do one for you to include in your frame. Sounds like it will look fabulous when done.
    Going to share this on my facebook wall for others to see.